Why i.MX

The processor is the backbone of every embedded project, which makes choosing the right CPU essential to a project’s success. That’s why NXP’s i.MX family of processors, offering efficient power and graphics processing, have become the industry standard for embedded designs.

Boundary Devices is long-time NXP Gold Partner; in fact, we even developed the original reference design for the i.MX 6 processor, the SABRE Lite (now BD-SL-i.MX6). Through the years, NXP and Boundary Devices have forged a partnership based on our technical savvy. We are often picked as launch partners for their latest releases, and have great software support from their teams when we need it.

So, what are the reasons we design and manufacture with the i.MX family of application processors?

Industrial Support

Long Product Lifespans

High-Quality Products

Cutting Edge Technology

Wide Range of Processing Options

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