Nitrogen6 Family

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The Nitrogen6 Advantage

[/custom_headline][text_output] Boundary Devices designed the¬†Nitrogen6 Family of Single board Computers (SBC) and System on Modules (SOM) to leverage the advanced processing power of NXP’s i.MX 8, i.MX 8M, and i.MX 8X family of processors as well as Boundary Device’s industry leading design to offer a next-generation solution for your next-generation application. The Nitrogen8 Family will offer unique benefits from each platform, which can be viewed by clicking on our platforms below. When you’re done, be sure to register using the form on this page to be one of the first to receive updates and information on each our Nitrogen8 platforms as they become available [/text_output]
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i.MX 6Solo processor

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Dual A53 Processors

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