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We understand that software support is a major roadblock in getting an embedded product to market. The goal of this page is to provide you with many support options so you can choose the option that best fits your skill set, budget, and time constraints.

If you feel like you have a hardware issue, please visit our RMA page to review our warranty information and submit an RMA Request Form.

Free Resources

We have put together a Wiki that answers many frequently asked questions.

Available Builds shows many of the Userspace options that currently exist.

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Imxcommunity is a great tool to post general questions and to search for others who have solved similar problems.


Partners / Third Party Resources

The I.MX6 processor has great support from a wide variety of software partners. All of the partners listed below have worked on our hardware and have significant experience with I.MX6 and embedded processors. We highly recommend their services especially for customers new to the embedded space or those customers with a tight timeline. These software partners can provide dedicated resources to help customize a Userspace to meet your exact requirements, giving you a tailor-made solution.


Embedded Linux, Fastboot, QT5


Android OS Customization

Silex Technology
Silex Technology

Wi-Fi Connectivity Solutions


Embedded Linux, Gstreamer Experts

Crank Software

UI Tools

Green Hills



Operating Systems


Yocto Customization


Embedded Linux, Android, WindowsCE7

Asset Intertech Logo
Asset Intertech

SourcePoint is a C/C++ debugger

The Qt Company

Creators and owners of The Qt Toolkit and Application Framework

NXP Proven Partner
Asset Intertech Logo

Windows Embedded Operating Systems

Boundary Devices Paid Support Contract

Although we recommend working with our software support partners in most situations, Boundary Devices also offers customized Userspace solutions.

Custom Ubuntu Build

Custom Ubuntu build

Yocto Modifications

Yocto Modifications

Android Modifications

Android Modifications