CPU Name TMS320DM6443


Xenon - The Xenon board is a small and powerful media engine based on the Texas Instruments TMS320DM6443 DaVinci processor.

The TMS320DM6443 is a dual-core processor with a 297 MHz ARM9 processor for running operating systems such as Linux and Windows CE, coupled to a 594 MHz ‘C64X+ DSP that can be used to accelerate video playback.

The Xenon System on Module provides stunning high definition digital video output, making it an ideal solution for digital signage applications. With the use of a high speed SODIMM connector, the Xenon board can be used with a variety of different peripheral boards. This provides the customer with great flexibility, allowing them to use a single board for a wide variety of applications. By simply connecting the Xenon board to different peripheral boards, the customer can change functionality in an instant. We can provide our standard peripheral board, or we can help you design your own. Unlike other boards used for digital signage, the Xenon board is extremely low power which means it does not require the use of an external fan. Because of the low power nature of the board, it can be used with Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) modules to add more flexibility to the solution. Some of the signals that are exposed on the Xenon: RGB, Ethernet phy and mac, three serial ports, SPI interface, SD Card, I2C, USB 2.0, JTAG, and multiple GPIOs.

  • 297 MHz ARM core (ARM926EJS with Java acceleration)
  • 594 MHz ‘C4X+ DSP core
  • Up to 256MB RAM (DDR2)
  • 128 MB boot flash (NAND)
  • Board Dimensions: 2.5″ x 2.5″
  • 200 pin SoDIMM connector
  • LCD support to 1280×1024
  • 10/100 Ethernet Controller
  • High-speed (480Mbps) USB 2.0 OTG
  • High speed SD card controller
  • 3 serial ports (TTL, RS-232 conversion on connector board)
  • I2C to add peripherals, touch screen support
  • SPI for driving bi-directional audio
  • GPIO for buttons, mag-stripe readers, etc
  • Available with Windows CE or Linux Operating Systems
  • Custom Versions Available