7″ 1024×600 LVDS Display with capacitive multi-touch

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This 7″ 1024×600 display can be used with all Boundary Devices boards.  The display has a PCAP multi-touch screen and an LVDS interface.

(Currently in-stock with our partners Mouser Electronics)


  • 1024×600 Resolution
  • Daughter Board includes LED backlight driver
  • LVDS Cable
  • I2C Cable for Touch Screen


=> setenv fb_lvds ND-070PCAP:24:51206400,1024,600,160,80,19,8,80,8

The touch screen will be rotated so please also add these calibration values:

=> setenv cmd_custom 'setenv bootargs ${bootargs} ft5x06_ts.calibration=-65536,0,67108864,0,-65536,39321600,65536'
=> savee
=> reset


1024x600 Display pdf

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