Halogen - The Halogen SBC is the smallest member of the Boundary Devices family.

It is powered by the Marvell PXA270 processor with speeds up to 520MHz. The form factor of the Halogen board allows it to be mounted directly behind a 3.5″ display. However, it can be used to drive a variety of panel sizes, but is limited by a maximum resolution of 800×600. Like other Boundary Devices products, the Halogen can interface with numerous devices using the two serial ports, USB master/slave connection, or the available general purpose I/Os. It also features support for 4/5 wire resistive touch screen. The Halogen is perfect for low cost applications that do not require on-board Ethernet or extensive video playback. For those requiring on-board Ethernet, we have a slightly modified board that is power-over-ethernet capable and provides 10/100 Ethernet.
  • Marvell PXA-270 CPU with speeds to 520MHz
  • Available with Windows CE or Linux Operating Systems
  • 64MB SDRAM
  • Board Dimensions: 2.5″ x 3.8″
  • 4 or 16MB Intel StrataFlash ® EEPROM
  • LCD Support to 800×600
  • Support Full-Motion Video
  • 4-Wire/5 Wire Resistive Touch-Screen Support
  • Real-time Clock (RTC)
  • 44 KHz Stereo 16-bit Audio Output (headphone,speakers)
  • 44 KHz Monaural Audio Input (microphone)
  • 2 RS-232 or TTL Serial ports
  • 1 Full Speed USB 2.0 Slave port
  • 1 Full Speed USB 2.0 Master port
  • RS485 Support Available
  • SD Card Slot for up to 16GB of storage
  • JTAG interface
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Custom Versions Available