Display Integration

Display + Touch Screen Integration for i.MX6 Boards

5 prototypes will be provided which includes all necessary cables, software drivers, and daughter boards.


Boundary Devices provides display and touch screen integration services.  Since the ARM processors that we use are designed for high-end multimedia processing, the majority of applications have some form of display and touch screen interaction.  We can take the headache out of interfacing to the display and touch screen.  We have integrated many LVDS and TTL display from 3.5″ up to 22″ panels as well as multiple touch screen options including 4/5 wire, IR, and capacitive multi-touch.  We can provide the proper electrical interfaces and software drivers for a complete solution. Our display integration package is intended to interface a display to our broad line of i.MX6 Single Board Computers and System on Modules.  Here are some of the major tasks that we can provide:

  • LED backlight driver – we will design a daughter board supplying the proper voltage rails.    In cases where the panel has integrated DC-DC, we will provide the proper voltage rails needed via cables.
  •  LVDS cables – we have local suppliers that can quickly and efficiently create custom cables to interface to any display.
  • Touch Screen Integration – loading Linux/Android drivers
  • u-boot/Linux display setup – setup the proper timings for each panel.

Just send us a panel, a touch screen, the datasheets and we will take care of the rest.  The display integration package includes 5 daughter boards and all necessary cables to interface the display and touch screen to the single board computer.
Pricing is good for either LVDS or RGB panels only. Contact us for pricing on MIPI or other displays.