October 18, 2012

October Freescale releases for i.MX6

In the last two weeks, Freescale has released two new updates for i.MX6:

  • Linux sources – In Freescale jargon, the L3.0.35-12.09.03-GA release is the non- Android flavor of Linux sources, and includes a new LTIB distribution and a new Ubuntu Oneiric release.
  • Android sources – Release imx-android-r13.4-ga is an update to the 13.4-beta release we we described last month.
As usual, we’ve published our updates to both kernel branches to GitHub:

We’ve also added minimal support for the Nitrogen6X board. If you’re asking why we say minimal, read this post. Main-line U-Boot is ready for early adopters in the in the nit6x_prerelease branch of our u-boot-imx6 tree and our efforts are focused there.

The new U-Boot branches are also now up on GitHub:

If you’re asking why there are different versions of U-Boot for Android and non-Android use, you probably want to stick with the version you’re currently running. The short answer is that features like Android fastboot are available in the Android branch, but not in the non-Android branch. Some more commentary is available in this post.

Hang tight for some more posts related to these releases. We’ll be putting some images on-line in coming days. If you need access to them, shoot us an e-mail. We’ll need to have you sign-off on a license agreement through e-mail, since we’re not yet in a position to offer this as a click-through web page.

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  1. Subodh

    A friend suggested following when I was struggling with linux build.

    Use git to clone the boundary-L3.0.35_12.09.01_GA branch:

    ~/$ git clone git://github.com/boundarydevices/linux-imx6.git
    ~/$ cd linux-imx6
    ~/$ git checkout origin/boundary-L3.0.35_12.09.01_GA
    -b boundary-L3.0.35_12.09.01_GA

    Then do commands below, where modules refer to wi-fi or camera modules in the second command.


    make ARCH=arm
    CROSS_COMPILE=/opt/freescale/usr/local/gcc-4.6.2-glibc-2.13-linaro-multilib-2011.12/fsl-linaro-toolchain/bin/arm-none-linux-gnueabi- nitrogen6x_defconfig

    make ARCH=arm
    CROSS_COMPILE=/opt/freescale/usr/local/gcc-4.6.2-glibc-2.13-linaro-multilib-2011.12/fsl-linaro-toolchain/bin/arm-none-linux-gnueabi- uImage modules

  2. Ashwin

    Is gpu acceleration supported in the latest android kernel (boundary-imx-android-r13.4-ga) standalone or do we need to build the drivers separately? Thanks

    1. Post
    1. Post

      Hi Prashanth,

      Sorry for the confusion. The nitrogen6x_defconfig works for the BD-SL-i.MX6 (formerly SABRE Lite) board as well. It will auto-detect which board it’s running on and route the audio signals appropriately.

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