September 13, 2013

i.MX6 kernel 4.1.0

If you’ve been watching our Github kernel repository, or if you’ve been following developments in the meta-freescale Yocto mailing list, you may have noticed a new branch named boundary-imx_3.0.35_4.1.0. This branch contains our patches on top of Freescale’s release last week.

We’ve spent enough time exercising this with each of our boards and peripherals to release this for prime-time, and will be using it as the basis for near-term development.

GPU and X-Windows

We’ll refer you to the Freescale documentation for the complete list of what’s changed, but the highlight for us are the bug fixes in GPU and X.

To that point, we put together an X-Windows based image using LTIB, and you can download it here:

This is the first image we’ve produced that runs and accelerated glxgears right out of the box.

Nice job, Freescale!

Unfortunately, we ran into more than the usual number of snags building a non-X image with this release, and given the current state of the Yocto project, we’ve decided not to chase down the details.