February 15, 2011

Linux kernel 2.6.35 for i.MX51/i.MX53

Just a quick note: we’ve integrated and validated the latest BSP from Freescale on both i.MX51 and i.MX53.

Our kernel patches are in branch boundary-imx-android-r9.4 of our git repository and contain a combination of the packages
L2.6.35_10.11_ER_SOURCE and IMX51_R94_ANDROID_SOURCE_CODE from the Freescale site.

We haven’t yet merged with the IMX51_R10_ANDROID_SOURCE_CODE package and we haven’t yet fully validated Android on this release.

Please note

As of this release, we finally updated the machine type for Nitrogen to specify Nitrogen and stopped hacking the file arch/arm/mach-mx5/mx51_babbage.c to make it look like a Nitrogen board.

The new machine type is listed in arch/arm/tools/mach-types with a value of 3167 (0xC5F).

Because the machine type is handed to the kernel from U-Boot, you can either make a corresponding upgrade to the
latest version of U-Boot (branch boundary20101115_updated_machtypes in our git repository) or override the machine type using this U-Boot snippet:

U-Boot> set machid 0xc5f
U-Boot> saveenv && reset

If you don’t do one of the two, you’ll end up with a machine that goes silent after uncompressing the kernel.