At Boundary Devices we design and manufacture i.MX-based single board computers and system on modules for the general embedded and IoT markets. Our boards are suitable to a wide array of industries and applications. Below are a few examples of industries we regularly support customer projects in. If you don’t see your use case below contact us to find out what products would work best for your project, chances are we already manufacture something that will get you to production quickly.

Industrial Automation

Our Nitrogen i.MX6 and i.MX8 SBC and SOM solutions are built with high-quality, rugged specifications that include industrial temperature and conformal coating options. These standards make our boards ultra-reliable and able to stand up to the many environmental challenges that come with industrial automation applications. All of our boards are designed for scalability and long-life, with 10+ year availability and support.

Casino Gaming

The casino industry has experienced a renaissance in technology innovation in the last few years. With technologies such as advanced player tracking, self-learning platforms, AI, and modern game cabinets, the need for a high-advanced embedded computer board is a must-have. Boundary Devices has been designing boards for the gaming industry for years, and features a collection of appropriate solutions; including our NitrogenVM products that were purpose built for gaming applications.

Medical Device

With highly regulated industries like medical device/equipment, you need to ensure your product is designed with the most supported and reliable technology available. No one wants to design in an SBC or SOM only to have it go obsolete or fail in a short amount of time. That’s why Boundary Devices designs all of our Nitrogen i.MX boards with sustainability and reliability in mind. We use only high-end components and 100% test all boards coming off the line. This gives our customers the peace of mind that their Boundary board will boot-up countless times and be supported as long as they need it.

Kiosk/POS/Entry Access

In today’s instant access society, consumers expect to be able to make a payment or gain access using a self-service solution. These kiosks and POS solutions require elegant GUIs, high-end CPU and GPUs, and the ability to connect to a network. Boundary Devices has been providing off-the-shelf and custom boards for these types of applications since the founding of the company. Our team has years of experience creating boards that can integrate multiple technologies including touchscreens, cameras, scanners/readers, networking, and other essential functions.

Digital Signage

Whether your application is a highly visible outdoor sign, a network of indoor displays, or signage used in a transportation system; we have a solution that can support your needs. We have a variety of boards with high-performance processing and graphics ability, so your signage can support whatever type of media and accessories required. We also offer industrial temperature and conformal coating for all of our boards, meaning the harsh elements won’t be a limitation to your choice of board.