Can’t find a product that matches your exact specifications or price targets? Boundary Devices can create custom solutions tailored to your exact specifications. By starting with our core layout (used in all Nitrogen boards), Boundary Devices can produce custom designs faster and more affordably than you think. In fact, most of our custom design customers are amazed at how quickly we can move a project from design to production within their target budget.

Why should you work with us to design and manufacture your custom board?

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A Partnership Approach
We don’t just check boxes, we partner with customers from start to finish. Since we manufacture the boards, our success is tied to your success.

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Your Board Your Way
We design to meet the customers’ exact size/performance requirements. You provide input every step of the way, because no one knows what the board needs to do better than you.

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Lowest Production Costs
When we design every aspect of the board, the customer only pays for the components they need, nothing more. Because we produce a high volume of i.MX boards, we can manufacture boards at the lowest possible costs.

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Unparalleled Support
We provide more than just our design and manufacturing expertise, we also provide industry leading software and hardware support from design to board end-of-life.


What Do You Get with a Custom Design?

Partnering with Boundary Devices on a custom designed solution is a 3 phase approach that can be completed in as little as 12 weeks. This includes:

  • Extensive project specification collaboration with documentation
  • Detailed PDF schematic and 3D Step
  • 4 prototypes with optimized OS and testing procedures

Phase 1: Specification

  • Brainstorm

  • Specification Finalization

  • Component Selection

Phase 2: Design

  • Schematic Design

  • Board Layout

  • Review

Phase 3: Build

  • Prototype

  • Software Support

  • Production + Partnership

Want Information On Customization?

Have an exact spec to build to? Need help identifying exactly what you need?
Contact us and see what we can do for you!

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