Access Control Solutions

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Barcode/RFID Access Control Device for use in:

  • Luxury Suites
  • Turnstiles
  • General Door Entry

Nitrogen Access Control Pedestal Specifications

The Nitrogen Access Control unit puts a dynamic face on all of your points of entry.  It allows custom graphics, sound, animation, even video to thank your guests for joining you on memorable occasions.  This versatile device supports all types of electronic locks.  Fail-safe, fail-secure, self-powered or Nitrogen-powered: choose what fits your needs. Multiple inputs and outputs are available, including software to support turnstiles and boom gates for parking.  The Nitrogen is powered by Power over Ethernet technology to simplify installation in existing buildings by removing the need for a licensed electrician to visit each doorway. A single Ethernet cable provides both power and a real-time network feed.

Identification of guests or staff members can be simplified through the use of either 2D barcodes or RFID cards and key fobs.  In addition, the integrated HID Reader can output Wiegand to allow direct interface to the access control system.

The easy to use touch screen provides a mechanism to password protect the devices, and allows two-factor security for sensitive areas.

There are numerous advantages of using the Nitrogen Access Control system over the traditional model of manually scanning tickets:

  1.  Stadiums no longer have to hire and train seasonal staff, which is a tremendous cost savings
  2. The Nitrogen is a more secure solution because doors/turnstiles are always locked, and only unlocked when a valid credential is presented
  3. Stadium officials know exactly when high profile customers enter their suites
  4. The screens on the Nitrogen can be used for advertising to generate additional revenue
  5. With optional Wiegand output, the Nitrogen can be integrated with the overall access control system of the stadium

Protecting your boundary has a new level of sophistication, which can increase security and drive new sources of revenue and customer loyalty.