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Rapping up Raring

To tie a string around our post about the Linaro Raring images and the post showing how to accelerate video, we’ve put together an image based on Linaro latest Raring ALIP that contains GPU acceleration and the GStreamer binaries for accelerated video playback and camera access. Jasbir showed that it could be done, and we […]

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i.MX6 Video acceleration on Ubuntu Raring (and Debian)

When we recently posted Linaro Raring images for i.MX6, we were surprised at the number responses regarding hardware acceleration, and especially video acceleration. For a long time now, we’ve been saying that it could be done, but leaving it as an exercise for the reader. In other words, go read the manuals and figure it […]

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Yocto Dora release (for i.MX6)

In case you missed it, the Yocto Dora branch arrived late on Friday night. Please join me in thanking Otavio and the meta-freescale team for working late and getting this done. The Dora branch contains support for our latest kernel directly, so you can follow Daiane’s excellent instructions for how to build and simply replace […]

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LTIB 4.0.0 images

We just uploaded a couple of images of the 4.0.0. release of kernel and LTIB from Freescale that include our latest kernel. There are two images: ltib4-with-x-20130618.tar.gz – This image was built with the FSL gnome release package configuration, which includes X-Windows, gstreamer-acceleration, and GPU acceleration. ltib4-no-x-20130618.tar.gz – This image was built with gstreamer-acceleration and […]

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OV5642 auto-focus on i.MX6

Before After Source is here. ‘Nuff said? Probably not. More detail is probably useful. A word of thanks Before the details, I’d first like to thank the folks at Ray Business Technologies for helping put this together. They have a strong team of embedded developers with competency in embedded Linux, i.MX6, and gstreamer and we […]

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Timesys 2013-03 release

Timesys has issued an updated release for our Nitrogen6X and BD-SL-i.MX6 (formerly SABRE Lite) boards. This release is primarily to update the kernel, but the folks at Timesys have also added some new features to the demo for a better out-of-the box experience that we’ll describe below. First, the demo Download We’ll begin shipping this […]

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Playing multiple HD videos on i.MX6

This is just a quick post with some details of some gstreamer-fu to decode and play back multiple HD videos using the VPU hardware acceleration on the i.MX6. The command-lines below use the mfw_isink gstreamer element to display the output from the 1920×816 Kung Fu Panda trailer from pocketmovies.net into three windows on a display […]

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LTIB on i.MX6 without X

Our previous LTIB images for i.MX6 have all been re-packaged versions of the binaries released by Freescale. We just uploaded the first that we actually built ourselves. You can download it from here: ltib-12.09-20121219.tar.gz To install it, simply download and extract onto a single-partition SD card like so: ~/$ echo ,,83 | sudo sfdisk /dev/mmcblk0 […]

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GStreamer camera streaming on i.MX6

This is just a quick post highlighting how a few simple components can be used to stream video from the camera on an i.MX6 over the network. While working with one of our i.MX53 customers on a video streaming application, we had reason to test the camera interface, video encoding, and streaming on i.MX6. Our […]

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Linux release ER 6 – 2012.08 Beta for i.MX6

Note: This image has been taken off-line because it’s been superseded. Please use this tar-ball instead. Original post Following up on our previous posts covering our first impressions and our kernel patches, we’ve just uploaded a filesystem image with the ER6 – 2012.08 release from Freescale’s i.MX6. You can download it from here: ER6-1208-Beta.tar.gz The […]

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Audio output selection under Linux on i.MX6

Our i.MX6 boards (Sabre Lite and Nitrogen6X) are the first boards we’ve produced with completely separate output channels (HDMI and SGTL5000), and we’ve been mostly ignoring the question of how to configure this until now. Under Ubuntu, the “Sound” control panel applet allows you to choose between the two outputs. Under Android, there’s a setting […]

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i.MX6Q Linux Release 3.0.35_1208 – Beta

In addition to the the Android release, Freescale has also released a Beta for Linux, and it appears that we’re two for two today: it also just works on Sabre Lite and Nitrogen6X. In addition to sources, the release images contain a pre-built kernel and LTIB-based filesystem in typical Freescale fashion. As with the Android […]

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LTIB image for i.MX6 Sabre Lite and Nitrogen6X

For those of you who have been working with Freescale software releases on i.MX processors, you’ll recognize LTIB, or Linux Target Image Builder as the packaging used by Freescale to distribute embedded Linux software. We’ve placed a binary image of the L3.0.15-201204 release of Linux software for the Sabre Lite and Nitrogen6X on-line here: LTIB_201204.tar.gz […]

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Timesys demo image

The team at Timesys put together a very nice package to showcase various hardware and software features of the i.MX6 in general and the Nitrogen6X in particular. We’ll be showing this in our booth at FTF Americas in San Antonio next week. Highlights Video playback (Accelerated, Unaccelerated) shows the value of the Video Processing Unit […]

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LinuxLink Free Edition

Timesys Linux for i.MX6

At the end of March, Timesys announced their support of the Nitrogen6X, our latest offering in the Nitrogen series of i.MX single-board computers. Click here to read the press release Click here to watch Maciej’s first webinar on the offering. Click here to see the demo I’m new to Timesys, but I’m very impressed with […]

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Using Buildroot on Nitrogen

And now for something completely different. In prior posts, we’ve covered some of the basic steps involved in using Desktop-oriented distributions such as Ubuntu and Debian and the Android hand-held distribution. For a very lightweight alternative, Buildroot may be a good alternative. Put together by the team that brought us Busybox, Buildroot aims for the […]

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