Rapping up Raring

To tie a string around our post about the Linaro Raring images and the post showing how to accelerate video, we’ve put together an image based on Linaro latest Raring …

adminRapping up Raring

i.MX6 Video acceleration on Ubuntu Raring (and Debian)

When we recently posted Linaro Raring images for i.MX6, we were surprised at the number responses regarding hardware acceleration, and especially video acceleration. For a long time now, we’ve been …

admini.MX6 Video acceleration on Ubuntu Raring (and Debian)

Yocto Dora release (for i.MX6)

In case you missed it, the Yocto Dora branch arrived late on Friday night. Please join me in thanking Otavio and the meta-freescale team for working late and getting this …

adminYocto Dora release (for i.MX6)

LTIB 4.0.0 images

We just uploaded a couple of images of the 4.0.0. release of kernel and LTIB from Freescale that include our latest kernel. There are two images: ltib4-with-x-20130618.tar.gz – This image …

adminLTIB 4.0.0 images

OV5642 auto-focus on i.MX6

Before After Source is here. ‘Nuff said? Probably not. More detail is probably useful. A word of thanks Before the details, I’d first like to thank the folks at Ray …

adminOV5642 auto-focus on i.MX6

Timesys 2013-03 release

Timesys has issued an updated release for our Nitrogen6X and BD-SL-i.MX6 (formerly SABRE Lite) boards. This release is primarily to update the kernel, but the folks at Timesys have also …

adminTimesys 2013-03 release

Playing multiple HD videos on i.MX6

This is just a quick post with some details of some gstreamer-fu to decode and play back multiple HD videos using the VPU hardware acceleration on the i.MX6. The command-lines …

adminPlaying multiple HD videos on i.MX6

LTIB on i.MX6 without X

Our previous LTIB images for i.MX6 have all been re-packaged versions of the binaries released by Freescale. We just uploaded the first that we actually built ourselves. You can download …

adminLTIB on i.MX6 without X

GStreamer camera streaming on i.MX6

This is just a quick post highlighting how a few simple components can be used to stream video from the camera on an i.MX6 over the network. While working with …

adminGStreamer camera streaming on i.MX6

Linux release ER 6 – 2012.08 Beta for i.MX6

Note: This image has been taken off-line because it’s been superseded. Please use this tar-ball instead. Original post Following up on our previous posts covering our first impressions and our …

adminLinux release ER 6 – 2012.08 Beta for i.MX6